Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013's Heavy Hitters

You bloggers know where I'm coming from.  We're all looking over our own end-of-the-year stats to see what posts got the most attention, which ones were the duds that went nowhere, what topics sparked healthy conversations, which writings you're glad you published.

No, I'm not going to tell you which ones were the clunkers!  But I AM happy to share the Creekside posts with the most direct hits for each month in 2013.  So grab a mug of some kind of hot brew and curl up with your screen.  As always, click on the title to read the post in its entirety.  And enjoy!

Reorganizing the Office
The afternoon was wide open at the counseling office.  The beginning of the year can be a bit slow, and it's a time to catch my breath.  Reshelve books, shred files, reorganize space.  I dive right in.  I'm all about getting rid of stuff that I'm not using any more ...

They're Hardworking Girls
Dear Linda ~ I'm not sure where to begin so I guess I'll start where I will probably end: thank you.  Thank you for your calm encouragement.  Thank you for encouraging me to take a good, honest look at my frailty and admit it ... Most of all, thank you for the beauty of a judgement-free space where I could ...

She reaches high and gently pulls her childhood Bible off the oak shelf.  The black one, the King James Version, a cherished Christmas gift from her Grandma and Grandpa back in 1964.   She opens the front cover to trace the childish writing with her eyes and fingertips.  And she smiles.  For there in a careful scrawl reads ...

300 Seconds @ O'Dark Thirty
Enthusiastic, exuberant, energetic, entertaining ... as a grandma, I am blessed with six little ones who are all of the above.  And I think it's fair to say that they've all had their middle of the night moments.  After one recent night, #5's Mama wrote ...

The Professional Office ~ 7 Nuts & Bolts
No two ways about it, I am blessed with the most wonderful office space!  Thanks to the generosity of Bob and Dot Eckler in whose home Creekside Ministries resides, I enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a bubbling fountain, always-busy bird feeders, and a rolling green hill that leads down to the Wappingers Creek.  {Hence, our name!}  A wall of shelves houses ...

Farewell, Little Vintage Friends
These were hard won, the 105 little vintage collectibles, hung with hundreds of tiny nails with great care and a bit of creativity a couple of decades ago.  Along the way, they were eagerly gleaned at garage sales and flea markets near and far.  Usually for pennies on the dollar, the thrill of the hunt beckoned often, with the hope of ...

The Follow-Up Post
She challenged her readers to give up their household accessories for 30 days, The Nester did.  I got the impression that not all her fans stood up and applauded.  But jumpstart me she did, to a quick farewell to 105 of my kitchen soffit friends, all those ancient trinkets and treasures collected over decades.  And with way over 1000 direct hits in no time flat, that post documenting my earth-shaking {smile} decision somehow seemed to interest or resonate with ...

A Very Tiny Smile
I read somewhere recently about the power of just a bit of a smile.  Not one of those big ol' goofy, toothy grins.  Nor one of those phony masks we so quickly don to protect ourselves from what others might see if they looked too closely.  No, none of that.  This choice is just a simple moment in solitude when we will ourselves to turn the edge of our mouths upward.  Most particularly, when we are on edge. Or bone-weary.  Concerned.  Fear-filled. Or laboring in ...

An Autumn Mini-Album Revisited
I love the slow, gentle transition into autumn here in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley.  I do believe it's my favorite season ... warm, sun-laden days, cool crisp nights. Not too hot, not too cold.  Just right!  Sometimes there's no point in reinventing the wheel.  So I'm happy to share this repeat performance from 2012, a selection of photographs that capture  ...

People 101  : :  Day 14  : :  Messy Homekeepers
When one of Amanda's hill + pen posts comes up in my reader, I click right on in.  She's a writer, a lawyer, and as sharp and perceptive as they come. {If I ever need an attorney, I'm packing my bags, moving to Texas, and hiring her.  Really.}  Amanda muses on family, life, and faith with that uncanny gift of transforming even the most ordinary of experiences into the most extraordinary of ...

Later, My Friend . . .
Dear Friend ~ 'Sometimes you've gotta reset the dial.'  That's the truth that my husband quietly spoke when I told him I had decided not to blog for the month of November.  After more than 5 1/2 years of blogging, 1041 posts, and only couple of weeks off along the way, I need to ....

Christmas * Plain & Simple
dressed for winter, the gingerbread gang hide out right smack dab in the midst of this favorite collection of woodenware ...

Can't get enough of the heavy hitters?  Check out these goodies from other years!

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  1. It's been a full, inspired, and deeply meaningful year for the Creekside blog -- thank you, Linda, and thank you, Creekside!

    If there were a "Readers' Favorites" category (where the number of hits takes second place to life-changing impact), I'd kick it off with this, from April:

    "300 Seconds on Filling the Abyss":

    That piece, to me, just says it all -- in the most gentle, deep, and truly beautiful way.

    So grateful,

    1. I hopped on over to that Abyss post, and yes, God used those few minutes of musings to impact a number of readers. Thanks so much, GH, for digging it out of the archieves.

      And, I might add, I was courageous to post that most unflattering picture back in April just 'cause it seemed to go with the words. Pride is out the window! This is how our bodies age ... with help from great big sweatshirts wrapped around our mid-sections!

      Anyway, my favorite posts and the ones that kicked off the best discussions are, for the most part, not represented in this Heavy Hitters post.

      Go figure!



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