Thursday, October 3, 2013

People 101 : : Day 3 : : Vulnerable Slanderer

Hello.  My name is Slanderer.

My life is defined not by who I am in Christ or by my giftedness, accomplishments, or loving relationships.  Instead, hurt, frustration, fear, and the disrespect that has been leveled at me along the way has come to mold and shape me.  I operate from a place of weakness and powerlessness.  I am often vulnerable, angry, and have little self-esteem or confidence.

In order to somehow defend myself and feel more important, I attempt to destroy relationships by sowing seeds of distrust.  Through accusation, gossip, and idle chatter, I specialize in attacking another's character, defaming them and damaging their reputation.  My words are cunning, malicious, and gather strength with age.  The more I am quoted, the more I am believed.

I work very hard at separating close friends, splitting families, dividing churches, and destroying relationships.  I gather people around me and cause them to take sides.  In doing so, I produce doubt, confusion, heartache, health maladies, sleepless nights, and tear-stained pillows.  I maim without killing.  I break hearts and ruin lives.

In the end, I am nobody's friend because I prove that I cannot hold a confidence, will lash out when angry, and will do my best to destroy whoever crosses me.

Over time, my heart has become more wounded and hardened.  Jesus said, 'For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks' {Luke 6:45}.  And Jesus' brother James talks about my tongue.  He says that 'it corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell ... it is a restless evil full of deadly poison' {3:6,8}.

Yes, my name is Slanderer.  I desperately need healing for all the pain and brokenness that has defined my life.  I need to forgive and release those who have deeply hurt me along the way.  And I need to seek forgiveness from those who have been so gravely injured by my own destructive words.

a repeat performance from May 2012,
adapted from piece by unknown author

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  1. Slander is such a destructive thing. :( And it particularly hurts when it's aimed towards us personally! We all need to be more aware that we're neither saying slanderous thing nor aiding and abetting those who do. Thanks for sharing this, Linda!

    1. Yeah, Lisa ... that aiding and abetting comes way too easily for many of us. Thanks for the gentle reminder to take a stand for what is right, edifying, godly.

      I so appreciate the way you speak into my life, here and there ...


  2. Hi, Linda,

    A great repeat performance. Thanks for sharing with us from your gem-studded archives!

    "Sowing seeds of distrust..." That's a powerful phrase. I'm reminded of the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13. I wonder how many of those "seeds" are planted without the sower's own consciousness, or even intent.

    Thanks for the warning to be on the lookout, for both what we sow into others' lives and which seeds we receive into our heart-fields.

    Wishing you wheat,

    1. You do have a way with words! May you continue to have impact as you speak, write, interact with those He brings on your path ...

      I love watching your progress!


  3. Thanks for sharing this, Linda! I echo Lisa's comment that slander is so destructive and so divisive. Very creatively written.

    1. Yeah ... those viscious words are killers, aren't they. And truth be told, most all of us have been on the giving end as well as the receiving end. Praise God for forgiveness and relationships that are able to be redeemed and renewed by His powerful grace!

      Thanks for stopping by this morning, Dar!



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