Thursday, October 17, 2013

People 101 : : Day 17 : : Confident Identities

I ran into Ceil online a month or so ago.  At first I was drawn to her because I haven't found too many Christian women bloggers 'round about my age out there, and I longed to connect with others who'd been around the block more than once.  Her writing is rich and full, and finding her was like discovering a kindred spirit.
Ceil shared this first video earlier this week, and I was instantly drawn into the deep truth of its message because it's the foundation that's gently interwoven into counseling session after counseling session.  Because until we begin to fully understand and claim the fullness of who we are in Jesus Christ, we'll keep on searching for that illusive something or someone to fill that huge gaping void in our souls.  And we'll continue to believe the lies that the enemy of our souls endlessly taunts us with. 
And we'll go nowhere fast.
And then I discovered the 2nd video.  Preach it, brother!  No matter what your gender, there's a message in each of these clips that we need to hear. 
We've been called to encourage each other daily.  So please play this forward, ok?  There's someone in your world who so desperately needs to hear these truths.
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  1. Thanks for sharing those powerful words of encouragement!! What a blessing!

    1. Is this guy an exhorter or what? What a fabulous wake-up call. It's long past time for many of us to sit up and take notice and claim who we truly are in Christ!

      Thanks for dropping in on this gorgeous autumn/summer morn, Dar ... have a rest-fueled weekend!



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