Wednesday, October 16, 2013

People 101 : : Day 16 : : Abecedarian Poetess

1.  a person who is learning the letters of the alphabet.
2.  a beginner in any field of learning.
3.  of or pertaining to the alphabet.
4.  arranged in alphabetical order.
5.  rudimentary; elementary; primary

Awash in anxiety and in angst,
Advancing but not to tasks,
Aimlessly striving accomplishing nought,
Adrift with despair, in masks.

Belittled by life, the powers that be,
Beholding to all that own,
Bested efforts slain like sinister jokes,
Beauty withheld, skinless bone.

Carrying fear as a weight girded strong,
Carefree thought a rumor be,
Cavern echos with a blackness so still,
Caresses and laughs at me.

Deflecting taunts from the child within,
Deluded sense of value,
Deserving not the subsistence of worth,
Delineates somber hue.

Existential moments of choice realized,
Experiential points see,
Empirical themes illuminate now,
Empty existence of me.

Facing giants without weapons of might,
Falling as an unseen leaf,
Faltering steps look like dance to all who see
Foaming wave smashed on the reef.

Ghosts of failures replace the light of hope,
Gapping holes of my being,
Ghastly grasping grappling inadequate,
Gone, the light for my seeing.

Highest Lord of Heaven, Almighty God,
Honor, praise be to your Name,
Holy Savior enthroned above all earth,
Hope for deliverance, Reign!

2007 ~
Cynthia A Canaday

~       ~       ~       ~       ~

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  1. "Abecedarian" in form, perhaps, but certainly not in meaning -- this is deep! Thanks for sharing, Linda, and thanks to you, too, Cynthia, for being willing to "go there" with us. It's a lovely poem.

    I especially love that breath-taking transition into stanza "H"... We go from utter blindness ("Gone, the light for my seeing") to sheer epiphany ("Highest Lord of Heaven, Almighty God")!

    Powerful words...revealing how our problems may seem to run on and on, but how God's Grace stops them dead in their tracks!

    "H"allelujah! (And, as I like to say, "'H' is for 'Healed'"!)

  2. Yes, yes! H is for hallelujah, hope, healing ... all those beautiful gifts the Lord gives us even in the middle of our grief, our trauma, our pain. And yes, Cynthia's words are oh so powerful, and for those of us who've been in that wounded place, supremely accurate.

    Thank you for sharing these words from your own overflowing heart today, HBHW girl!



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