Monday, October 14, 2013

People 101 : : Day 14 : : Messy Homekeepers

When one of Amanda's hill + pen posts comes up in my reader, I click right on in.  She's a writer, a lawyer, and as sharp and perceptive as they come.  {If I ever need an attorney, I'm packing my bags, moving to Texas, and hiring her.  Really.}

Amanda muses on family, life, and faith with that uncanny gift of transforming even the most ordinary of experiences into the most extraordinary of tales.  Whether soulful, edgy, or crack-you-up-funny, she is always thought-provoking. 

If your haven bears just a bit of resemblance to a disaster zone, you'll want to read her true-to-life Confessions of a Messy Housekeeper.  So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy, knowing you're in very good company ...

'I have always wanted to be a good housekeeper.  I visit friends whose houses are clean and clutter-free and envy them, like a far-reaching star that I just admire.  My pattern is typically this: a super-clean house for a day, then three days of “oh dear, I really need to get to that,” then a total nightmare where I don’t want neighbors stopping by for muffins.  At that point I drop off my children at school, roll up my sleeves, and clean it like we all just might be licking icing off the travertine.  We go in three-day cycles of sparkling and disaster around here, and when it gets too much . . . {finish reading}'

Just  .  Love  .  This!

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  1. Loved this post and LOVED her article! Isn't it great that God makes us all differently!!
    A spotless home in not equal to holiness!

    1. If God's looking for spotless homes, 99% of us are in big trouble! And the other 1% have thrown everything in their closet or down the basement stairs.


  2. My house used to be spotless but I was exhausted and miserable trying to keep up with it every day. It was unrealistic for a working mom with 3 kids and a menagerie of animals. God showed me It's ok to let go of some things and concentrate instead on my kids. My house is still clean but when I'm sitting on the floor playing games with the kids and I see dust bunnies scurry by, I happily go back to playing!! I'll take care of it later............

    1. Yep, trust me, those dust bunnies will be hanging around forever. But the kids won't! Enjoy every second with your sweet menagerie, Val ...



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