Saturday, October 12, 2013

People 101 : : Day 12 : : Giveaway #2 - Moments for Singles

She's carrying it around in her bag these days.  Her priceless copy of Moments for Singles is dog-eared and well-worn.  Yellow highlighting, penciled notations, passages circled in pink, and blue underlining are interwoven with the printed words.  Over time, tear stains have left their mark.  Questions have been put on the table.  Easy answers have not appeared.  But there have been victories, for sure.

We caught up with each other recently, lingering over a marvelous outdoor dinner.  'Al fresco' they call it.  It's unusually warm for a fall evening, Italian's on the menu, straight talk is on the table, and her marital status just one of many subjects we delve into deeply.  I tell her where I'm trying to go with 31 Days and ask if she'd mind sharing a few words about her singleness.  A few days later, she sends her musings along ...

"Feelings.  Are they just feelings or legitimate needs?  When is it true loneliness, why do feelings of infatuation hit, why does everyone else seem to be more blessed?  Would I abandon God’s wishes for my life if someone showed interest in me that was not a believer in Jesus Christ?

The author expresses my feelings clearly when she says. 'As much as I try not to, sometimes I feel like one half of a really great pair of shoes.'  I feel like that at times when I know who I am would be an asset to someone else’s life.  I do have a lot to offer and this makes understanding God’s plans and wishes confusing.

The feelings come and go.  When they are strong and I am unable to will them away, this book helps label, sort through and bring things to the surface.  Another great piece to this puzzle of feelings is to have a real friend who can hear your heart and pray, pray, pray until God breaks through with his tender and powerful wisdom.

I join Leigh when she prays,  'God, I want to share my life with someone.  And I want any choice that brings me joy to bring you glory.'  God, please help me to always want this!"
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Moments for Singles is one of the books that will be given away in our Multiple Book Giveaways on October 31st at 9pm eastern. We'll post the list of winners at that time and then it will be 'first come, first choice' for these readers to claim their prizes.

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  1. Inspiring post, heart-wringing comments, and powerful resource recommendation... Thanks to you both for sharing.

    "Feelings. Are they just feelings or legitimate needs?" Now that's an excellent question.

    1. Yeah ... she asks those hard questions alright. And I love when others recommend good resources. As we share what God is giving us, teaching us, showing us, it's a win/win all around!

  2. Sounds like an excellent book! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. It sure spoke to me, even as an ol' married woman. There's always something we can glean from a fellow sojourner, no what our marital status.

      Thanks for coming by today, Dar!


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