Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The New Leslie Vernick Book

OK ... I've read dozens of books this year.  And this is, hands down, the most important of them all - THE EMOTIONALLY DESTRUCTIVE MARRIAGE.  Leslie Vernick's hit it out of the park with her latest volume.  I polished off an advanced reading copy last week, and all I can say is that if you're married, know someone who is, or you're a people helper/ministry leader of any stripe, this is must reading.

I love that Leslie's put together a series of videos, walking us through what an emotionally destructive marriage looks like.  And better yet, what to do about it.  This huge challenge is not something we are stuck with, have to put up with, need to give up on.  Or lob Scripture verses at, blindly ignore, or mouth pat answers toward.
Click here to view the whole series. 
Go ahead and pick up a copy of this book.  Please. 


  1. Looks like another excellent resource, Linda...

    Even for those who are single among us, there is much to gain here. I just watched the first three videos in the series and can't wait to continue! What an informative, effective, and very pleasant format to begin exploring her book. It's like getting to talk with her in person, in an atmosphere of calm stillness, honesty, and trust.

    Thanks for introducing me to Leslie Vernick's work in the first place. Not long ago I traced _The Emotionally Destructive Relationship_ (with its helpful assessment form) through your earlier posts, "Emotional Abuse" and "A Special Offer...An Important Book." Reading for myself, I found your recommendation to be right on: important, foundational, potentially life-changing her work is.

    I look forward with great interest to your "Seven Questions" interview. What a blessing that will be, for each of you, I hope, as it will be for the many more who follow up on the resulting Q & A. Wishing you well as you prepare your questions. The hardest part, I imagine? Limiting yourself to _only_ seven!

    Praying He will guide...

    Thanks again,

    1. Good point, GH! Marital status doesn't exempt us from healthy OR destructive relationships ... or our ability to navigate our way well through them. Thanks for your insight, always valued!


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