Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Hospitality 101  - {move on over, Martha..}
'Clean houses make me nervous.  If I am coming over to your house, please don't strain yourself by cleaning for hours.  I really don't require your home to look like a staged photograph from House Beautiful.  It would make me feel like I'm going to break or spill something.  Not that I am overly klutzy or anything.  It's just that all that order puts me on the defensive ...'

The Time You Have in Jelly Beans{what's your legacy gonna be?}

11 Questions Every Twentysomething Should Ask - {sorry guys - these are questions for us all!}
'Your twenties can be a rough time.  You graduate college.  You get a job—not necessarily the one you always dreamed of.  You may move to a new city and start trying to establish yourself.  But a lot the time, you're just not sure where you're headed—or even where you want to be going.  Often, the question of “what now?” plagues us in ...' 
The List That Saved My Marriage - {take a look in the mirror, honey.}
'The day had come.  I'd lasted as long as I could in my marriage.  Once my husband, Bill, left for work, I packed a bag for myself and our 14-month-old son and left our home.  It was the only year in our married life when we lived in the same town as my parents.  Obviously the convenience of being able to run to Mom and Dad made my decision to leave Bill easier.  With a tear-stained, angry face, I walked into Mom's kitchen.  She held the baby while I sobbed my declaration of independence.  A washcloth and cup of coffee later, Mom told me she and Dad would ...'




  1. I really enjoyed "The List that Saved My Marriage". What a great reminder that no matter our frustrations with someone's actions, we also need to reflect upon our own responses and thoughts.

    1. For sure, instead of trying to control everyone else and their stuff, I am always responsible for what I do with my own emotions, thoughts, behavior! Thanks, Jonathan!

  2. "Do I love from my insecurities or do I love from my strengths?"

    Much to reflect on in this question raised for "twenty[-and-yes-any-age!-]somethings."

    To love not from the depths of fear and neediness, but from strength, not my own but GOD'S: what a transformation He makes possible for us in Christ!

    "For perfect love casts out fear" (I Jn. 4:18). Wow...

    ~Heart in training

  3. You've said it well ... we're all in process, training, growing, stretching!


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