Sunday, June 23, 2013

Load In & Load Up

'Permission to take pictures of your basement, with no ID.'

'Go for it.   Just be sure there's no underwear in it.'
 a stack of new books, outgrown toddler Christmas dresses and bib, an old pillow,
an unopened CD, and a box of dryer sheets take up valuable real estate on the dryer
That was my brief phone conversation with this sweet super-busy mama of two little ones after our recent walk-through.  Truth be told, her basement/laundry room isn't looking much different than many others.  And I'm loving that she's courageous enough to say yes, this is my basement and it makes me crazy and I'm going to do something about it. 

a crib bumper that's seen its day, vintage linens, winter blankets,
boxes of odds & ends, and several booster seats gather around a freezer

If you've got a subterranean space, you KNOW how easy it is to toss stuff down the stairs just to get it out of the way.  And once a cozy new home is discovered, these visitors, big and small, simply don't want to leave, right? 

a round trampoline holds a deflated blow-up bouncy house near baskets of laundry

Please don't be overwhelmed if you're feeling like it's time to de-clutter this space, because it might be easier than you think.  The key?  Simply create a goodie bag, big or small, each time you put a load of laundry in the washer.  And then take that bag right up the stairs and out of the house.

a big ol' bouncy seat, an outgrown car seat, and the ever-present diaper boxes
loaded up with gift boxes and toys all vie for attention

Load In  &  Load Up

1.  Every time you put a load in the washer, take a minute or two and load up a bag {a little store plastic one or a brown paper one} with either garbage or giveaways, and then head up the stairs and out the door.  This little goodie bag heads right into the trash ... or into the car to donate.

2.  Once a week you remove objects instead of bags - large toys, furniture, boxes of discards, anything that doesn't fit in a bag.

3.  The giveaways go right into the car and that makes it convenient for you to drop them off at your local used clothing bin or Salvation Army, second hand store or friend's house.  Wherever.  No special trip is required.  The key is that they are leaving your home.  For good.
Load In  &  Load Up
And that sweet super-busy mama?  I'm not sure how she did it, but she reported that in less than a week, the following items had been successfully removed and delivered -
3 boxes/bags to the local Pregnancy Care Center
1 box of videos to a friend
3 boxes + 2 large baby toys to another friend's grandson
1 umbrella stroller out the door
1 "sundome" (a beach thingy for babies) out the door

... and 1 box ready to head off to a second hand store
... and 1 box of videos in the garbage
Load  In  &  Load Up



  1. I LOVE this idea! It takes so little time but makes such a huge difference. Perfect for people who are overwhelmed :)

    1. Easy does it, yes? Thanks for jumpstarting this conversation, Hilda!


  2. I couldn't help but to smile at that Mama's courage. I would never let you in my basement!!! Love the tips you gave.

    1. I'm smiling, too, as I read your comment because I HAVE been banned from more than one basement!

      Love to organize, love fresh starts, love open spaces ...


  3. Replies
    1. Sure beats waiting til you've got a free weekend!

      Thanks for dropping by tonight, Alicia!


  4. This is a great idea...I am working on my laundry room now, and it looks just like these pictures ;) Thanks for the tips!

    1. One bag at a time, my friend, one bag at a time!



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