Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gleanings : : Safe . Transitions . Dear Pastor . Steady Plowers . Shutting Up

safer people make safer conversations
' ... a really big thing that gets in the way of healthier-ways-of-living-in-the-tension-of-our-differences is unsafety.  it’s impossible to have unity and love when there’s all kinds of unsafe, unhealthy behavior going on.  to me, another word for “safety” is “healthy”.  safer, healthier people make safer, healthier conversations.  they bridge divides.  my take is that this skill of becoming safer people is under-developed ones in many churches.  we are often good at bible knowledge & ministry programs & all kinds of other amazing tasks, but some of these basic healthy relationship skills are the lowest priority ...'

10 Rules for Simple Happiness in Transition
Our bodies, minds and lives are in a constant state of transition.  From a cellular level to the very obvious transformation and flux that goes on in our days, weeks and years, things are changing.  Unfortunately, we often think about transition as a time to “get through”.  I know this feeling well.  We’ve been ...'

Dear Pastor: Please Be Fully Human
'Dear Pastors, I am your daughter.  I am the daughter of a reverend and I know what the inside of a church looks like.  I know the hardness of the pew and the length of a Sunday morning and the visits: so many visits to so many strangers when all you want is for your daddy to stay home and teach you to tie your shoes.  And for many years I fought you.  For many years I didn't want to be related to the church.  For many years I blamed the church and its pastors for ...'

God is Not Wowed by our Short Bursts at Faithful
'I read the book of Ruth in one sitting.  It’s not hard to do, with kids still sleeping and words on less than 7 pages. But the depth of its message this morning catches me, unsuspecting, and I am reminded about what the great unknown of God requires.  [This post will be long if I give the whole story, so I won’t.  But it’s all in there, in Ruth…about how she could have been less committed, but she wasn't.   And how she sacrificed yet lived without needing it to be a big deal.   And how when God ordained something new and beautiful in her life she had already gotten ...'

Why can't I just shut up and be a good listener?

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