Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mothering On . . . and On

Honestly.  It hasn't been all hearts and flowers, baby, has it.  The mind-numbing monotony, the isolating dailyness of raising your children has been frustrating, exhausting, and endless, endless, endless.   You've experienced emotions that shocked your socks off.  And you had to wade through them to the other end to regain your sanity and some sort of will to carry on.
Would it help to know that you're not alone?  That you're surrounded by other mamas who faithfully soldier on just like you?  Those one-foot-in-front of the other days.  Sprinkled with lilting laughter and bitter tears, slamming doors and sweet marvels, messy hugs and ugly tantrums, sparkling discoveries and sticky peanut butter sandwiches.  The bleary o'dark thirty hours.  Endless loads of laundry and mysterious piles stacked high on kitchen counters vie for attention as cuddles and storybooks and science projects and too late in the evening pillow talk all beg for your undivided attention.
And then just when you think you're not going to get through the next ten minutes, some unannounced rays of golden hope pop through from heaven above, surprise gifts of power-filled grace.  Pray for those unexpected moments to come.  Drink them in and savor them when they arrive.  And once again, reach for His hand to receive renewed strength and much-needed wisdom for the next leg of this journey, this molding of character, this shaping of souls, this lavish loving care. 

This high and holy calling.
So let those brimming tears flow from your weary eyes and let their healing rain do its work.  And then bid that beautiful smile emerge from somewhere deep within, dear one.  Yes, you can do this mothering thing.  You can do this.  And you can do it well.

You are never alone. 

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  1. what a gift you are linda! tks for this, i'm also passing this along to some friends & family :)

  2. A sweet gift to hear from you this evening, Meredith ...

    Lots of love to you and your beautiful family, my friend!


  3. Beautifully written and perfectly stated, Linda. This is like a warm hug and a pat on the back all rolled into one for the weary mother and wife. I'm so glad you linked it up with Wedded Wed because, truthfully, sometimes motherhood is what makes marriage and life messiest. Thanks for this amazing gift of validation and encouragement, my friend. Praying it will bring much comfort to all who read and need.

    1. A warm hug, a pat on the back, and knowing you're not alone are huge gifts, yes? Ah ... I do remember those days ...



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