Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gleanings : : Bubbles . Clutter Infographic . Fonts . Sitting . Landfill Treasure

'Bubble printing is a fun kid-friendly technique using materials that you most likely already have in the house.  In Good Things this month I bubble-printed paper to make tags, cards and wrapping paper ...'

'De-cluttering can sometimes be overwhelming.  A room by room approach can make the process more manageable.  By starting small and keeping up good habits, you can soon work your way toward clutterless bliss ...'
'It's that time again!  Ready for a new batch of free fonts?  With 40 fonts to choose from, I'm pretty sure that you'll find one that you need ...'
'According to new research, sitting may be worse for your health than smoking.  In one study, the researchers found that for every hour of TV you watch while sitting, you lose 22 minutes from your estimated lifespan.  By comparison, doctors say ...'
Landfill Harmonic
{Thanks, Kathy ...}



  1. Landfill Harmonic: WHAT AN INSPIRATION!

    Like how Christ transforms us . . . taking our trash and giving us music. An amazing AMEN.

    Muchas gracias, Linda,

  2. We loved the infographic about clutter! We like to do a lot of de-cluttering but it prompted another room by room evaluation. After two years of marriage it was fun to see what we did and did not use over that time. We have about a tote and a half of stuff that can now be removed from our apartment. Thanks for the great article!

    1. Yeah, Jonathan ... I loved the way that graphic put all the options right on the table!



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