Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Feeding of the 2000

'Fruit for 2000 people' was the Hospitality Coordinator's Easter morning assignment ...
30 lbs. strawberries
20 pineapples
20 cantaloupes
20 honeydews
20 lbs. green grapes
20 lbs. black grapes
18 lbs. red grapes
16 large packages of blackberries
Many hours and many hands later,
hundreds and hundreds of fruit skewers joined bowl after bowl of fruit salad.

And bunches of grapes.  Many bunches.

With platters of pastries here and there.

On tables set up in the church's cafe ...



  1. J's...you have an amazing way of blessing others!

    1. She sure does ... and so do you, my dear, so do you.



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