Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On Worthwhile Decision-Making

Life's a series of choices, isn't it.  We get to choose how to respond to what's happening to us.  What to do with our emotions and thoughts.  And how we invest our time, energy, and whatever resources we possess. 
Consider some of the decisions you've made recently.  Big ones, small ones, whatever.  Were they prompted by confidence, love, and sanity?  Or was fear calling the shots?
When a situation is on the table, do you make it your goal to honor Christ?  Or does everybody else's opinion hold more weight?
Our natural bent seems to pull us back toward thinking that something catastrophic is always lurking 'round the corner, that the other shoe's just waiting to drop, that a black cloud hangs overhead with lightening bolts aimed straight toward us.  If that's your story, then chances are your decisions are going to reflect your beliefs.  Yes?
And if your decision making process is laced with fear or guided by what other people want/expect/demand, then those decisions are probably going to end up falling flat or going nowhere fast.  And that simply makes the endless, vicious 'I am such a loser' cycle spin all the more, doesn't it.
So what would it look like to believe that God has a future and a plan for you, that He's not out to destroy you, but has your best interests in His loving heart?  Can you envision yourself becoming courageous enough to drop being a people-pleaser and begin making choices that aim to honor the Lover of your soul?  Decisions motivated by who He's created you to be ... much beloved and empowered by the mantle of His discernment, wisdom, and peace ...
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  1. I appreciate how you made the point about honoring God in our choices. That should be our first priority - and something I wish I remembered to do first all the time.

  2. Life gets simpler when we narrow down the list of all those we need to please, account to, check in with! And when He's the One we give an account to, everything else just seems to fall into place. Thanks, Elizabeth ...

    1. I re-read this post as I'm now getting them in my email and as I read the last paragraph, I was reminded of Jeremiah, chapter 29. "I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." (My quick, faulty memory quoting.)

    2. Glad to hear that you're getting the posts via email, my friend! And yes, that's Jeremiah 29:11, my mom's favorite verse right there, front and center ...


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