Friday, April 19, 2013

Gleanings : : A New Series

I love blogging.  That you already know!  What you don't know is that during this past year I've subscribed to about 50 blogs that come through on my RSS feed, and also read through dozens of additional posts on subjects from A - Z during any given week.  I love discovering kindred spirits who really grab hold of my heart or engage my mind, the kind of people I'd love to just put my feet up with and have a one-on-one chat over a cup of tea {and a really decadent dessert!}  I tend to gravitate toward out-of-the-box posts that stretch my faith, shed some kind of creative light on the dailyness of everyday life, or are just plain fun to read. 

To 'glean' means to learn, discover, or find out, usually little by little or slowly.  And that's where we'll be going from time to time with this new series called Gleanings, where I'll share five random posts that hit home for me.  Click on the links to read.  Enjoy!   And then leave a comment and let us know about a post that was a winner for you.  

It's OK if you're not enjoying being a mom this week
'Some days are so upside down it’s hard to breathe.  Last week Wednesday I was doing laundry and digging down at the bottom of the basket for a nasty pair of little boy underoos and bent so hard and fast at the waist that I slammed my forehead into the edge of the metal utility sink.  Pete had been out of town for two days and there was still one to go ...'

Virginity is Not the Point
'The new ‘Bachelor’ is a “born-again virgin”—but are our definitions about sex missing something ...'

'For the past few months I’ve been working on a post to churches who care for parsonages (parsonagi?).  I have no idea if I’ll ever publish it.  I have 266 posts in draft so I’m not sure what the odds are.  But I’d love to hear your thoughts ...'

How to Get Along with an Introvert
'Just started reading Susan Cain’s book Quiet, for which I am thankful.  Cain is a terrific writer and her book is already gaining acclaim for explaining to about 60% of the world how the other 40% live. That is, Cain explains to extroverts what these quiet, I don’t want to go out tonight, introverts are really thinking ...'

How I Organize My House
'One of my top FAQ here on the blog and in the real world is about how to organize your home, specifically, how I organize my home.  Phew.  That’s a good question, but one I like to answer!  Organization is big topic with lots to talk about, but my organizational systems are fortunately not complicated at all ...'

So ... what grabbed YOU online this week?


  1. Linda- thanks for a variety of things to read. What turned my lights on was: How to get along with an introvert- cos I am one- and it is hard to get people to understand how we tick!
    Enjoyed that post and the comment by Mindy Albert: I think what confuses some people about us introverts is that we can be terribly talkative to the point of seeming extroverted, but what they don't get is that we choose who gets to see that side of us. It has to be a really, really stimulating conversation around strangers. Usually it's just reserved for people we know pretty well

    1. Yeah, Mary ... those one-on-one conversations float our boats, don't they. And I've discovered along the way that many of my sister bloggers {and readers!} are deep introverts, born and bred.

      I'm glad you found some words that resonated!


  2. I like your idea for this series and look forward to reading your suggestions in the weeks to come. The book about introverts is of special interest to me, not only because of my introversion, but anything that helps me understand myself and others better is a gift.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm psyched about the Gleanings series!

      And I'm hearing you about the introverts ... more on all that is right here -



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