Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shopping at Jennifer's

One of the many gifts of doing 31 Days back in October was connecting up with some really delightful bloggers ... writers, counselors, artists, mamas, ministry leaders, and other like-minded souls.  And while I might be a counselor, a ministry leader, a forever mama, and a bit of a wanna be writer, an artist I.  AM.  NOT!
But Jennifer graciously enfolded me into her lovely online community, and I am a frequent visitor, sometimes even brave enough to link up to her Sneak Peak Friday In the Studio events, when I've gotten to rub shoulders with some really fine craftspeople as I share some snapshots or a recipe or something halfway creative.
Jennifer is having her first online art sale and it begins next Monday, March 11th.  The details are above, the link is below.  Her work is creative and inspiring, and heading over to her site will be well worth your time even if you just wander around a bit.
And maybe you'll get a bit of shopping done ... some gifts to tuck away for Mother's Day or graduation or a birthday or a shower ... or {gasp!} a little springtime something for yourself.
All the details are here.  And I hope to run into you there!


  1. you are so sweet for sharing... thank you, linda! and i love how you share your creativity with us 'in the studio'! :)

  2. Who'd ever thought I'd be sharing anything in a 'studio'?

    Those who know me best are shaking their heads and saying, 'huh?'



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