Monday, March 11, 2013

'Dude, Somebody Should Probably Go Save Her . . .'

There's no doctrine of our faith that entreats us to sit idly by
to be casual observers of the scene 
or armchair critics of the culture.
We are called to love, to serve, to sacrifice. 
Jesus modeled how to do that well. 
Deep engagement. 
Substantial service. 
Powerful action. 
Ongoing prayer. 
Restful solitude. 
How will you live out your faith this week?


  1. Today my quiet time thought is "Love as Jesus loves." That "deep engagement" that you challenge us to is exactly what Jesus would do in His great love for us. I am going to remember this video and your words today, Linda. I'm praying they would move me to action in every circumstance. Thanks so much for this awesome nudge toward godliness.

  2. Iron sharpens iron, my friend. And I appreciate your nudges toward godliness, too!

  3. oh my goodness... what a video, linda! thank you for sharing and for this awesome reminder!

  4. Can you imagine watching someone being captured by a river and not DOING something, anything?

    Astonishing, Jennifer ...

  5. I can't imagine how this could be entertaining...the plight of others. My heart aches when I see this video. Thanks for posting this Linda!

  6. For sure, Barb, our whole concept of entertainment is on a downward spiral, isn't it ...

  7. wow. a powerful video and a meaningful challenge. thank you.

  8. Thanks for stopping in today, Kelli ... and yes, that video sent us a strong message we need to hear!


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