Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Snowfalls' Lesson

We've had a fair amount of snow around here this winter.  But that fluffy, feathery, white stuff of which scenic winter landscapes are fashioned doesn't last forever.  What is permanent, what lasts more than a few hours, days, or weeks remains underneath the surface.  And sooner or later, it will be revealed for all to see. 
Good times, favorable circumstances, hard won accolades, all manner of relationships, seasons of health or wealth, significant milestones, gathered possessions, our 9 - 5 identity, and the blogger's posts, stats, and comments are transient shifting shadows that come and go like feathers in the wind.
We dare not define ourselves by these things.  If we do, we will be sadly disappointed, tragically unfulfilled, and in our endless, self-obsessed neediness, will always be seeking for more.
It's what remains tucked deep inside our hearts, God's deepest ongoing redemptive work, that ultimately transforms and defines the priceless core, the center, the value, the beauty of who we are.

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