Monday, February 11, 2013

Who's Your Monkey?

Henry Cloud talks about research done on a monkey, isolated by himself, subjected to all manner of stress.  Loud sounds, flashing lights, and shaking of his cage assault the little fella.  Naturally, the monkey's losing it, he's freaking out 'cause he's stressed to the max.  The researchers checked his stress hormone cortisol, and it was off the charts.  
As the research continued, they kept all the commotion going but added another monkey into the cage.  And lo and behold, the first monkey’s stress level went down by half.
We're talking 50%.
Why?  He wasn't alone anymore.  His little buddy was present for him.  And that offered comfort and peace, even in the midst of the craziness assailing him.
So ... who's your monkey?  The friend, buddy, family member, spouse who's got your back, who's safe, loyal, and would drop everything to be there for you?  Who can you be your authentic self with ... no masks, no judgement, no fear of condemnation?  If you have someone like that, how blessed you are.  You've got something to celebrate this Valentine's Day! 
And if there's no one in sight, remember this.  To have a monkey, you've just gotta be one.

- photo by Grifmo -


  1. Wow! Thanks for this great reminder, Linda. My husband and I are facing a difficulty right now (not in our marriage) but this truth really brings me perspective and comfort. I know that my hubby's presence has made a huge difference, but without your words this morning, perhaps I wouldn't have realized that as much. This really encourages me, my friend! Maybe you're a "monkey" in my life too. ;)

  2. Yes, Beth, let's hear it for faithful online companions {a rare treasure} as well as those face-to-face ones!

  3. for sure, my husband is my sweet monkey! :)

  4. A lifetime monkey! Or as I referred to one man, 'your big ape!'


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