Sunday, February 10, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request

My parents live in this town.  It's 8 in the morning and from what we know, they've been without power and heat for more than 24 hours. 

We know that they've tried to call my sister and I repeatedly, but we've been lucky if we've heard one or two words before the calls get disconnected.

My sister called the police who went to the house yesterday afternoon.  My parents said they were fine and didn't want to go to a shelter.  My sister talked to my mom for a minute on the cop's phone.

It's 1 degree there this morning with the wind chill factor.  They're in their 80s and not in the best of health.  We have no idea if they spent the night in the house or finally went to a shelter.  My sister and her husband are going to attempt to head out there this morning. 
Would you please join our family in praying for mom and dad ...
and other older folk like them.
*   *   *
10:20 am - My sister received a call from mom as they head to the Cape.  Phone service very patchy, but she could make out that they are on a waiting list for the fire department to take them to a shelter. 

11:45 am - My sister and her husband have gotten my parents out of the 42 degree house.  Mom and Dad are warming up in the car with a thermos of tea, and are headed out for a hot meal and a stay at my sister's home.

Please know that your prayers made a difference.  Thank you so much for all the supportive emails and comments!  I am so grateful ...

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  1. I so appreciate that truth ...

  2. Linda - I'm praying, praying, prayin! Keep us posted when you hear something.

  3. Thanks so much, dear friend ...

  4. Praying big time Linda!!! Heavenly Father, Please put a hedge of protection around the Blakie's and keep them safe and may their power come back very soon! Amen

  5. So thankful for your prayer and note, Sheila, and those of other faithful friends and family! I hope you are all safe and warm, too.

  6. So glad that everything worked out well - to God be the glory!

  7. I just got home with Mom and Dad after a nice hot lunch! They will be staying here with us until their heat and electricity come back on.

    Thanks for your prayers!

  8. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your emails! How blessed we are ... it wasn't til after you all started praying that the phone connection finally began to work. What relief for us ALL!

    I hear that my parents survived wearing quite a few layers. Dad was sporting 'a white v-neck sweater, a striped wool sweater, a flannel pajama top in scotch plaid (red and green), an LL Bean flannel shirt in blue tartan - very heavy, and a white t-shirt. On top of this he has had a winter coat and a hat ... a scarf and a big smile!'

    Steaming mugs of coffee and some chicken pie seemed to warm them up on the way to my sister's home ... where they've been facing their own 2+ feet of snowfall.

    Again, all my gratitude, friends, and Heavenly Father.


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