Wednesday, February 20, 2013

They're Hardworking Girls . . .

Dear Linda ~

I'm not sure where to begin so I guess I'll start where I will probably end: thank you.

Thank you for your calm encouragement.  Thank you for encouraging me to take a good, honest look at my frailty and admit it ... Most of all, thank you for the beauty of judgement-free space where I could cry and admit and let go those hidden things.  And then go out and thank God for another day in which to discover more of His love and pleasure in me, His child.

Thank you again, for everything, and more ...

This note has been shared with a former client's gracious permission.  They're hardworking girls, these women.  Committed to the counseling relationship.  Committed to healing and change, growth and godliness.  These are the women of courage, of valour, of strength.  They roll up their sleeves because they know I'm rolling up mine as well.

We troop through the valleys of anguish together.  She trusts me enough to allow me to take her there.  We don't go alone.  The Lover of her wounded, longing-to-be-healed soul ventures forth toward the plateaus of wholeness with us, guiding, guarding, comforting, enlightening, healing.  Redeeming all her pain.

There is no greater honor and privilege than to walk alongside these women. 

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