Friday, February 22, 2013

She's Got Fruit by the Bushelful

Lisa Jo invited us to write about what mama did.   But it's not the doing that comes to my mind.  It's the being.

I love the verse 'by their fruit you'll know them'.  Because it's true.  We see, over time, what the character of another truly is.

Truth be told, my mind's a bit hazy on antidotes and stories about what Mom's done all these years.  I need my sister's keen memory-like-an-elephant to track all the family lore and fill in every embellished detail of those long ago incidents.  But as we celebrate Mom's 83rd birthday this coming week, all I can say is this.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows Mom by her fruit.

She is oh-so-loving.

And joyful no matter what's going on.

Mom's peace-filled, even when in extreme pain.

She has the patience of a saint.

Mom's kinder than anyone I've ever met.  Ever.

Very, very gentle.

And certainly self-controlled.

She's got the fruit of the Spirit.  By the bushelful.  Just like Paul wrote about in Galatians 5:22-23.  It's who she is.  And it's defined all that she's accomplished along the way.

No wonder my Dad and her daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and scads of friends all rise and call her blessed.

So happy birthday, Mom.  When and if I ever grow up, I really would like to be just like you ...


Five Minute Friday


  1. What a lovely birthday tribute! I hope you include it in your gifts to her. I think she'll be pleased.

  2. oh, i love this. because this is so very much the same way people would describe my mom. and so very much how i want to be :-)
    have a wonderful time celebrating your mom's birthday!

  3. Thank you, dear online friends, for celebrating my Mom with me!

  4. This is beautiful! What a blessing to have a mother who oozes the fruit of the Spirit.

    And Happy Birthday to her!

    I am visiting from Lisa-Jo's.

    Have a blessed day!

  5. Yes, Beth, I count her as one of God's most beautiful blessings in my life!

  6. Though it looks like our mother sat on the lawn of our large estate, petting cows, these pictures were actually taken when she was on vacation! The characteristic that impacted me the most and continues to, is how our mother never complained or said a negative word about anyone. What an example she has been and continues to be to many people.

  7. Marilyn - YOU need to do the writing of the memories and the stories ... in your spare time!


  8. She has certainly given us an example of godly character. I love you Grandma!

  9. What a beautiful way to express your mother's character. You are truly blessed to have a mother like this.

  10. What a great legacy she has left you. I want to know where those pictures were taken. Let me know won't you?


    Thank you for sharing this today.

  11. Hey Debi - the photos were taken in the early 1950s somewhere in upstate NY, a few hours away from New York City ... do they ring a bell for you?

    And yes, the legacy is so rich ...

  12. What an amazing and Godly woman...we are so blessed to have her as the matriarch of our family!

  13. A beautiful tribute! And I love that image of "bushels" of the fruit of the spirit. So lovely.

  14. I so appreciate you dropping by, Sarah! Your writing keeps on giving voice to my own wrestlings ... challenging, stretching, and pushing me to examine what I believe and why.


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