Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharing Condolences, One More Time

Sometimes there's just no point in reinventing the wheel.   And that's how I feel about Sharing Condolences, which appeared here about 11 months ago.
Countless people have asked me what they should do or say when a loss occurs, when they're hit with the need to thoughtfully respond during those inevitable seasons of grief.  If there is any trace of kindness flowing through our veins, we will truly want to let another know how much we care. 
Yet we often find even the thought of reaching out to be uncomfortable, unsettling, even impossible.  And from that place of uncertainty or fear, inappropriate words come tumbling from our lips.  Or we piously quote Bible verses at great length.  Or we simply abandon ship, leaving misunderstanding, hurt, and confusion in our wake.

If that's been true for you, please click here to unearth ten sensitive, practical ways to share your condolences.  I'm pretty sure one would fit you to a T.  Having been on the receiving end of lovely handwritten notes, deliveries of nourishing food, visits with few words shared, and heartfelt embraces, I can assure you that these tender acts of kindness can be nurturing balm for a wounded, exhausted soul. 

The good news is that there's no one right way to show hurting people that you care.  The key is simply being authentically you.  And then figuring out how that should gracefully, sensitively play out in the here and now. 


  1. This is such a good resource, Linda. We had a meeting last week with my mentor and some other Lay Preachers in which we discussed this very thing. It was so helpful--just to discuss what NOT to say and do. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. It's so good to have some idea before crisis hits and we're so overwhelmed that we can't figure out how to respond ... and I'm hearing that so many people really don't know what to do. Or try to respond to tragedies in ways that just don't fit who they are.

    Thanks for weighing in, Laura!


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