Monday, January 7, 2013

By Complete & Utter Surprise

I had a rather startling revelation last night. 

For several days I had been waiting on God to shed some light, lift the veil, lend some discernment.  I thought I might hear from Him through some time in His Word or maybe as I kept praying.  I hoped that someone would speak some kind of truth that would hit home.  Or perhaps the beauty of nature would come calling and He would give some knowledge through the grandeur of His creation.
But no.

As He sometimes does, the Keeper of my soul took me by complete and utter surprise.  It was, as my husband so wisely observed, like being hit alongside the head.  And the oddest thing is that God's truth was spoken to me, loud and amazingly clear, from out of my own lips, rather frivolously and certainly unintended.  And it wasn't long til my way-too-perceptive husband clearly helped me see that God had answered my request for direction, although it didn't sink in right away.

Seems like I was thinking about everything else except Him.

When all is said and done, He will choose how He's going to speak, how He will reveal His will.  And He will do so when and where He pleases.

Because He's God. 

Sometimes He communicates through loud, earth-shaking experiences. Other occasions through the roaring hot blazes of a fire. And sometimes through a gentle whisper.  He's determined to get our attention.  It's His call how He chooses to get His direction across to His beloved children

   I hear you, God.  I hear You.  I got the message. 


  1. I loved your post today! Thank you for the timely reminder. I will be listening to God with renewed attention.

    Always love reading your thoughts.

    {via email}

  2. I need lots of HIS timely reminders! LOTS!



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