Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Claus, Wise Men, and Other Christmas Questions

Bob responds to 5 Christmas questions in today's Repeat Performance ... 

How did Santa Claus originate?

Was Jesus born on December 25th?

Was there really a special guiding star that first Christmas?

Did the "Three Wise Men" from the East arrive in Bethlehem in time to see the baby Jesus in the manger?

Was Nazareth a real place?

Great food for thought to share with your kids or class or small group ...

:: illlustration by canrocked


  1. I appreciate the history lesson about Santa. I'd been studying up on it as well! Thank you for sharing.

  2. A man who served God and gave to the poor. While certainly not central to the Christmas story, this just might be a model for how we give ... year round.

    Thanks, Jennifer, for including us in your study!


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