Friday, December 21, 2012

One More For the Kid In All of Us

This gang is just so awesome!
Be sure and see yesterday's video, too!  These exceptional presentations certainly bring
the ol' children's Christmas pageants to a whole new level, don't they ...
Here's their story:
'St Paul's is a vibrant Christian community meeting in the oldest city church in Auckland, New Zealand - a light in the city since 1841.  We are convinced that our lives are caught up in a massive story of God restoring all of creation through Jesus.  He showed us how to love and so we want to be loving.  This may look slightly different for each of us but if we do it well, we suspect it will involve creating, relating and restoring, plus a whole load of other 'ing' words.

SPAM (St Paul's Arts & Media) is a collective of individuals who have an interest in exploring arts and media and how it relates to contemporary expressions of spirituality and faith.

SPANK (St Paul's Arts 'n' Kids) is an initiative that has grown out of SPAM. It involves projects & workshops that engage kids creatively in various areas of the arts.' 

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