Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving SOS


Thanksgiving is here ... and where did those lazy days of autumn go?  They're gone, baby!  The clock is ticking and the holidays begin NOW.  Take a deep breath and please don't vault into panic mode.  You can make it happen!  I invite you to head right over to this repeat performance of Thanksgiving Homekeeping Potpourri where all manner of hands-on, practical, creative hints await your last minute attention.

* Yes ... you can fake a clean house. 

* Yes ... you can pull together some oh-so-impressive table decorations with stuff you've got on hand. 

* Yes ... you can sparkle as a hostess in ways that will leave you {and your guests} quite delighted.

* Yes ... you can recover from Thanksgiving with some soul-touching music and meaningful moments of gratitude-laced reflection. 

Click here for your inspirational SOS fix.  And then turn that computer off, roll up your sleeves, make your to-do list, and enlist some help from the troops!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ~

* vintage postcard by Mrs Inman


  1. Likewise, sweet, creative online buddy!

  2. LOVE the first suggestion!! Happy, Blessed, Peace-filled Thanksgiving to you and Tim.

  3. Gratitude rules the day! God is good!

    Thank you for your good wishes today, Sheila ...


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