Saturday, November 24, 2012

November's Cream of the Crop

The company's finally headed home and the last of the dishes are washed and shelved.  The fridge is packed with odds and ends of leftovers and the house has an eerie stillness about it. 

You did it!  You survived Thanksgiving!  

To celebrate, scoop up that last piece of pumpkin pie, head for a comfy chair, and savor the posts that garnered the most attention for the month of November, year by year.  I promise that you won't find any turkeys here! 

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Everyone loves creative, new organizing ideas!  We tear them out of magazines, bookmark them online, and share, post, pin, and collect them every which way.   And then we end up forgetting what caught our eye and sparked our . . .

 *   *   *   THE MOST HITS EVER *   *   *
It was the end of a very long day, filled with back-to-back counseling sessions.  Before me sat a Christian couple, well-esteemed in their community and active in serving Christ.  And the things my ears were witnessing were enough to make my eyeballs pop out.  Venomous words.  Aimed to . . .

Our 20-somethings.  They're leaving home and family.  That's hard on parents.  But they're leaving the church, too.  And that's agony for the ones who raised them.  If you doubt it, just listen to . . .

HERE COME THE HOLIDAYS!  As we begin to anticipate the arrival of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's time to begin to create a warm and welcoming haven for family and friends.  The key?  Simplify and plan now so you can . . .

I see stress taking an incredible toll on people.  Sleep disturbances.  Increased worry and panic.  Pacing.  Overreacting.  Crying.  Outbursts of anger.  Overeating.  Hand-wringing.  Road rage.  Out of control spending.  Poor choices.  Non-existent boundaries and margins.  Addictions.  And the list goes on.  We need to finally get the fact that much in our lives is simply not . . .

> illustration by Tina Lee Studio


  1. Thanks for dishing up some goodies for us, Linda. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and appreciate your heart for relationships and marriage!

  2. Busy, busy, busy! The holiday season seems to be kicking into high gear ... big time! So I truly appreciate those who take the time to leave a comment and say 'hi'!

    You make my day!


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