Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Invitation to Women with Chronic Illness in NY's Mid-Hudson Valley

to join a
6 Thursday mornings
 January 10th - February 14th
10:15 - 11:45 am

What?             It’s easy to isolate when you struggle with a chronic illness.  You might feel alone, misunderstood, scared, or anxious.  This group is designed to be a small, safe, community where you will be able to discover practical, hands-on strategies and solutions to the challenges you face, receive gentle pastoral counsel and coaching, and connect with other women who are on a similar path. 

Where?           Creekside Ministries      23 Sandi Drive – Lower Level   Poughkeepsie, NY

Who?              The support group is led by Linda Stoll, a board certified pastoral counselor, certified life coach, and experienced group facilitator.

Fee?                 $189 includes 6 Thursday morning 90 minute group sessions, your copy of The Chronic Illness Workbook by Patricia A. Fennell, and all materials.

How?              Enrollment is LIMITED!  Register today at or 845.298.0710.  50% of fee is due upon registration with remainder to be paid on January 10th.
*          *          *
I think your upcoming group will certainly be a blessing to all who attend.  I know I struggled for over 7 years & I can honestly say that it was only until I spent time in sessions with you that I finally came to terms with my illness.  My biggest takeaway was being able to identify what is true in my life.  Prior to that I kept trying to pretend I was okay, or feeling guilty for what I wasn't capable of accomplishing.  It was the truth that set me free.
- Former Client, Poughkeepsie
Linda possesses a unique gift and passion for leading group sessions.  She vigilantly keeps the conversation on topic while gently allowing participants to share their thoughts and feelings.  Linda is masterful at creating a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable participating.  Her care and compassion permeate every interaction.  Linda thoughtfully listens and seamlessly keeps the group on topic with timely, well-chosen comments and questions.                                                            
- Deric Milligan, Co-Founder, Inheritance of Hope, Pisgah Forest, NC
Thank you for helping me get the word out to those who live with chronic illness!  Please share this invitation on your Facebook page, forward this link via email, or contact me for flyers. 
* invitation by Summer TX


  1. Thanks for being God's instrument of comfort and care in this way, Linda. I struggle with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and know how important support and resourcing can be. I'll pass this info along on Twitter for you!

  2. Thanks for getting the word out, Beth ... I know you understand!

  3. Is showing up in person the only way to get this support? I have a dear blogging friend in Texas that could not come, but she might be able to watch a DVD or read on line.

    1. Hi Betty ~ 'The Chronic Illness Workbook' might be a great tool for your friend. She might be able to talk with her doctor and see if there are other patients who are looking to build a supportive community. Chances are she is not alone ...

      And she's blessed to have a blogging friend like you, looking out for her!


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