Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships : : Day 19 : : Venturing Through Those Doors on Your Own

Sunday morning at 11 o'clock can be one of the toughest times of the week. If you're new in the pews. If you've just arrived at a house of God. If you're venturing through those doors on your own, not knowing a soul.

Those first few minutes are make or break time. You tentatively look around. Does anyone return your awkward, furtive gaze? Does a warm soul head toward you with hand outstretched? Is there one who will greet you with words that are genuine and real and heartfelt?

Or does everyone seem totally preoccupied with their friends and their Sunday-go-to-meeting tasks? Are they rushing to and fro, meeting and greeting their own? Or do they have a heart for the stranger in their midst, remembering what it was like to come through those doors for the first time?

How many have come through our doors, have not felt His gracious, all-inclusive love, and quietly slipped away, never to return to us.

Or to Him ...

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  1. What a great reminder, Linda.The simple intention of being friendly and looking outside myself to see if others need my friendliness is vital. I've been a first-timer, scared and unsure, and I remember. Remembering helps me keep a look out for others who need the body of Christ to be warm and friendly. Great post. Thank you! Love that Five Minute Friday gives me a chance to connect with cool women like you.

  2. You get it, too, Robbie ... you surely do get it!

    God bless you ... you're the kind of woman I'd love to meet when walking through those scary doors ...

  3. Linda, it's so true (and incredibly scary) that someone coming into a church can make all of their decisions based on that one experience and might never come back again. It's a great reminder to be so intentional in making those warm, welcoming doors (and arms). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh yes ... one single look, one quick glance, one simple action can make or break a searching, wounded heart.

    Thanks for weighing in, Denise and Stacy!


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