Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships : : Day 15 : : She's Mommy 911

I'm the first to champion the need that all of us have, from time to time, to reach for the helping hand of someone who has training and skills and wisdom beyond our own.
So it's with great delight that I introduce you to Mommy 911 and the gentle, wise woman behind this much needed, out-of-the-box parenting resource.  Elisa DeWitt joins me today for another one of those Seven Questions interviews ...
Hi!  My name is Elisa DeWitt.  I am blessed to be married for 18 years to my best friend and love of my life who is also an excellent daddy!  It has been a joy to raise our 4 wonderful children ages 15 down to 8.
I graduated college with a B.S. in Elementary Education and received my Masters Degree in Reading.  Since that time I have worked and volunteered with children in various capacities.
 As everyone has had struggles in their life so have I including one of my children being diagnosed with cancer.   I am thankful for my Heavenly Father who has blessed me with so many things and a God who carries me through the challenging times!

Tell us a bit about Mommy 911.
Mommy 911 is a service I am offering which will help families achieve a more peaceful and enjoyable existence in their homes.  Many parents today are struggling with parenting issues such as potty training, bed time, homework, respect, obedience just to name a few.  I will observe the current situation and problems, give suggestions and strategies to improve their situation and guide the parents to carry these strategies out.

I love it!  How'd the idea kick in for you?
I love it too and I truly believe God put the idea in my heart several years ago!!  I was a Director of a Nursery School with over 100 children in it for 12 years.  I was in a position that parents would come to me and ask for advice on certain parenting topics.  There were many families I encountered that had so many struggles.  I really felt sad for them and wanted to help make their lives easier.  After all, if your home is filled with peace, love, encouragement, self esteem building and a is safe haven, children (and adults) are more able to adjust to the difficulties today's world throws at them knowing what they have back at home.

When a parent contacts you, what should they expect?
First of all they should expect someone who will not judge them.  I will only respect them for knowing they need help and are willing to accept it and honored they trust me to help.  I understand how difficult it is for them to let someone into their home and see their weaknesses.  After we chat some, I will quietly observe them in their home 2 times for about 2 hours each.  Next I will sit down with the parents and give them specific strategies that if carried out will decrease the stress in their home and make their parenting more effective and rewarding.  Over the next 2 visits I will guide them through carrying out these strategies.  Lastly, I will be available for the remainder of the month to consult with.

What do you see as the biggest challenge to parenting these days?
Boundaries.  Many parents are afraid or just don't know how to put limits on their children.  Meanwhile, children are starving for boundaries!  Children feel safer and more comfortable with reasonable and respectful limits on them.  When I see a child out of control I actually feel bad for the child because they don't want to be that way, they just don't know better.  As the Bible says, "Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it."

What's the greatest fear that keeps parents up at nights?
I think a parents greatest fear is that they aren't doing their biggest most important job, parenting, well.  We all want our children to be loving, respectful, successful, happy and healthy and it is our job to give them the tools to achieve this.  It is a huge task!

This generation of kids is getting obsessed with their screens and all things digital.  What's your take?
"Every thing in moderation" is what my mother always said. I think that rings true here.  Technology and digital things are not a bad thing until they are not monitored and limited.  Boundaries should be in full force here!

What one things today's families need more of?
More engaged parents!  Parents today have so many distractions that they are not physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually there for their children.  Kids need to feel connected in these ways in order to be a healthy well rounded person.  Story time before bed is an example.  A parent can just read a book to their child with their cell phone right next to them or they can snuggle up, read the story with meaning and discussion in a quiet setting and be fully engaged during that 20 minutes.
* * * BONUS QUESTION ... So where's Mommy 911 a decade from now?
Wow!  I pray that it has helped more families than I can count!  Of course, I would like to think that there wouldn't be a need for this service in 10 years.  However, I am afraid that will not be the case.  So, in my dreams I would love for Mommy 911 to expand to helping families grow stronger in various other ways and offer marital help, counseling, tutoring, parenting classes or even dog whisperer services!  

*     *     *
To find out how Mommy 911 can come to your aid,
contact Elisa at 845.518.6506.
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  1. Go Elisa! When I think of this service you provide, I can't help but think you are Nanny 911 without the British accent :-). Your cards are in my desk and I am happy to refer parents to you, as well as confident in your ability to make a difference.

  2. I'm so with you, Christine!

    I've got the cards, I've got the desk, and I'm going to be sending parents who need a guide right over to Mommy 911!

  3. Elisa, your help is so desperately needed and I pray that you will be successful in your work. So many families are in trouble and your encouragement may be the balm that heals. Let's get back to the basics of love and supportive guidance in parenting.

  4. I have always found Elisa to be a patient and loving mom who just "gets" it. I am so excited for this new venture in your life, Elisa, and wish you all the best. Thanks for posting this, Linda! It is a much needed service. :-)

  5. Oh yes, to find another soul who just 'gets' it is always a rare gift!

    Thanks for jumping in to the conversation, ladies ...

  6. What a unique and wonderful service Elisa is offering here! To all you parents who need that little bit of advice or encouragement on the road of parenting, give Elisa a shout out. She's caring, soft-spoken and has earned her "rights" as an encourager of the parental role!!

  7. Amen, Laurie ... couldn't have said it better!


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