Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships : : Day 11 : : Yes, This is Abuse

A sweet counseling client sent me a quick email this week ...

Hi Linda - isn't Oct Domestic Abuse month? I ask because last year think it was Oct (?) you had some great posts about it and there are several women I know that would be helped, encouraged to see those ... can you send me (link) to ones about it, that you've previously had on your web site?  I want to use any and all means of awareness on this subject to encourage and inspire women.  Thanks!
Yes, October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month.  So sad that we even have to talk about this.  Most urgent that we do.  Most particularly in the church.
Most of us know what physical abuse looks like.  It sickens us and we rise to the defense of these women and children.  But I am also concerned about the insidiousness of emotional abuse that comes in the guise of biblical submission. 
What's emotional abuse look like?  Relationship expert Leslie Vernick puts the cards on the table - 'withholding money, spiritual one-upmanship, chronic deceit, verbal threats, demeaning and belittling behavior, isolating someone from his/her family and friends, ignoring and minimizing someone's thoughts and feelings.'
And see Leslie talk about The Reality of Destructive Relationships.
Join me in giving voice to the insidious nature of this sin today ~

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