Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Power of Transformation

These two compelling posts headed like arrows straight to my heart this morning.  And I know without a doubt, once again, that the God we love and serve is in the transformation business.  First, as He moves in and redeems our lives and rescues us from the baggage that's grown to define us.  And then, wonder of wonders, in the complex ways church leadership serve and lead those they've been called to care for.

So thanks, Beth, from over at Messy Marriage, for this video that left me quietly whispering, 'Wow!' to myself.  Be sure to watch it twice to capture the full richness of its message.

And thanks to you, Ruth, from The Transforming Center, for holding high the banner that church and ministry leadership can truly be so much more than the 'posturing and manuveuring' that tragically has grown to define much of how we function.  I long to embrace the hope that leadership teams can be transformed into beautifully redemptive beacons, lovingly and respectfully discerning and living out the will of God.  Dreams and Visions is must-reading for any who've donned the mantle of leadership ... or those in the pew who watch and wait on the sidelines.

What a life-changing, organization-altering Redeemer is He!


  1. I so appreciate you using this video and posting a link to Messy Marriage, Linda. I've sensed our like-minded passion for marriage redeemed by Christ's grace and power. I don't ever want to think of blogging as a competition but as one big "choir" harmonizing in our specific niches and singing God's praises. Thanks so much for your cyber-friendship!

  2. I love that we can roll up our sleeves together and share resources back and forth, Beth. The end result is a more lavish buffet to give our readers!

    It's been an encouraging gift to meet several like-minded counselors in the past few months ... I'm really liking this whole 'cyber-friend' thing!

    This is when technology truly works for us!

  3. I'm here from the Nester, not even 830 am on the first day, and that video has given me plenty to think about today. I'll be back! (And I'm here because I loved your button. Very creative.)

    Heather near Atlanta

  4. Hey Heather ... welcome to the Creekside community! Oh yes, that video was powerful ... and every time you watch it, the message only becomes richer!


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