Monday, September 10, 2012

Nuggets of Mercy

The rust-infused blue farm truck pulled out from the corn field onto the road, oh-so-slowly, as I rounded the corner into the little hamlet we call home.  Lumbered out ... at about 5 mph.  I clocked it.  I went from 55 mph to about 5 mph in two blinks of an eye.

Let's put it this way.  We're usually in a rush to go somewhere.  Get something done.  And waiting around is not high on our list of favorite activities.

A momentary cloud of restless aggravation descends as we cool our heels.  At the doctor's office.  Sitting at intersections where red lights are frozen in time.  At checkout lines that crawl like snails.  In tasks undone by others, late arrivals, and unanswered replies to emails sent or messages left.   

And yes, that self-entitled, demanding spirit floats like wisps in and out of our souls as we look to God for clear answers to the requests that seem oh-so-urgent to our stress-filled hearts.  And, not content to wait for His timetable, we stamp our little feet like petulant children.  We want those answers now.

But while we wait, heaving great sighs, our toes tapping restlessly and our fingers drumming incessantly, a most unfortunate fact is true.  We're missing the beauty of what's happening all around us.  Life goes on.  Opportunities fly by us unnoticed because we're too busy focused on what we don't have.  And gracious gifts are just sitting there, right and left, begging to be received with gratitude. 

Yes, we will have seasons spent in the waiting room. Might we do well in making the decision to stop fighting this fact and arguing with God about what He's doing and why. Let's take a deep breath, and look for the serendipitous treasures that lie in wait 'round every corner ... in unbidden, uplifting conversations, the glance at an unexpected vista that takes our breath away, a written word that brings a smile, a surprise visit from someone dear, or an opportunity to serve another wounded pilgrim on the road.

Sarah Young said it so well this morning: 'Rejoice in Me always! No matter what is going on, you can rejoice in your Love-relationship with Me.  This is the secret of being content in all circumstances.  So many people dream of the day when they will finally be happy: when they are out of debt, when their children are out of trouble, when they have more leisure time ... While they daydream, their moments are trickling into the ground like precious balm spilling wastefully from overturned bottles ...'

They are there, unexpected graces from above, for those who are wise enough to seek them out.  I sure would hate to miss out on those valuable nuggets of mercy that could have been mine ...



  1. Oh my, I am always in a rush and hate waiting. Sounds like a recipe for a headache and an ulcer. Thank you for helping me to remember to slow down.

  2. I think we're in good company, Elizabeth! And headaches and ulcers we DO NOT need!

    Slowing down with you ... by choice!

  3. I feel like I'm almost always "in the waiting room" of life. It's so easy to get sidetracked by what I don't have. But you're right, Linda, Sarah has so perfectly captured the secret to contentment and joy--focusing on the blessings that are truly all around us, if we'll just open our eyes to them. Encouraging post!

  4. I hear you about the 'waiting room,' Beth ... been there, done that!


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