Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Glimpses of Past Septembers

I absolutely love the transition we call September! 

Here in the northeast, we've started to say farewell to oppressive humidity and the constant humming of fans and air conditioners.  Open windows and cool nighttime breezes make it possible to grab hold of some much-needed deep slumber. 

The 5 oldest grandkids started learning the ropes at 3 brand new schools last week.  Over the weekend, my Maryland daughter reported that the gang was headed off for their final swim at the neighborhood pool.  Meanwhile, the Massachusetts daughter must have been one of the first in line to pick the crisp red fruit at the nearby apple orchard.  And my mom speaks of the gigantic acorns dropping down on their back deck up in Cape Cod.   

The white capri pants and summer bag have been tucked away into retirement.  And our Saturday evening Community is anticipating the Welcome Home Barbeque this coming weekend.  (Yes, you're invited!}

Like it or not, the familiar, comforting, yet busy routines are coming at us, right and left.  Fresh opportunities and exhilarating challenges are popping up all over the place as our family calendars begin to fill to the brim.
So before things get too out of control, I invite you to take a few moments to savor this mosaic of best received posts from past Septembers ...

7 Books You've Gotta Have
You might be surprised at the 7 categories of books I'm encouraging you to have within reach ... and why they're so important.  If you love wandering through your local bookstore, you'll have fun browsing through the potpourri of included titles.

Learning From the Past
One of Bob's most popular posts, he writes, 'Disappointment, grief, loneliness, hunger, thirst, danger, fear, weariness, a heavy heart, separation from friends and family were not just subjects of discussion for David - they were life experiences ...' 

7 Steps Toward Reclaiming Your Energy
Trust me.  You're not the only one who's burning out.  The Energy Drainers Worksheet is sure to help you clearly identify who and what is driving you to exhaustion.  And yes, I still stand by those 7 steps.

If your to-do list is weighing you down like an albatross around your neck, maybe this very simple guide will jumpstart you into taking care of all that overdo business.  One task at a time. 

Enjoying the first wisps of autumn ~

* mosaic by Cranial Hiccups

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