Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey, All You Dog Lovers!

Don't shoot me, but I can't say I'm a real big dog fanatic. 

Our family had a mangy, gray poodle named Flipper when we were growing up.  It wasn't one of the Blackie family's better experiences.  He was a beast, in the truest sense of the word.  This photo's the only one I could unearth from the family achieves.

No wonder.

He was known for eating heaping plates of freshly cooked ground beef and rice to 'regulate' his bowels.  His claim to fame was the evening he polished off a huge green glass bowl of hard-won Halloween candy.  And leaving pools of vomit {and other bodily excretions} on the light blue wool wall to wall carpeting. 

More than once.

And then there were my mother's hand-sewn sheer white front door curtains that he ripped to shreds during a fit of rage.  Or the time he careened into her prized collection of Hummel figurines during another meltdown.  I can still see the steam coming out of my father's ears. 

More than once. 

And then when my husband was oh-so-young, he used to get chased home from school by a pack of neighborhood dogs.  {Or so the story goes.} 

So you can pretty much guess that we've never had a large 4-footed pet in our home.

But I digress!  Because Sheila Kimball fell in love with Patton.  Quickly.  And I've got to agree that he is a beauty. 

Right about the time I was putting the finishing touches on Gleaning From The 13, it looks like she was doing the same thing in authoring 13 things I learned from a pooch named Patton.

I'm not at all into lucky numbers, but it seemed like a coincidence too good to pass up!  Read the beginnings of her post below and then head over to her blog to discover all that her handsome summertime visitor taught her ...

He came to us from up north. His master heading south for a Smoky Mountain vacation. Dearest Husband, his former dog sitter.

A two year old Golden named Patton. Big, blonde and beautiful with doleful brown eyes.

He had me wrapped around his not-so-little paw from Day 2. {After a bath on the evening we picked him up!}

And 12 days later, he goes home this afternoon and I am ... {finish reading}

Let's hear it for our 4-footed friends ~

My favorite lessons?
  #4 - Naps are nice.

  #5 - When someone is sad, stay with them.

  #8 - Bond with your pack.

#12 - Don't let jealousy jerk your chain.


  1. THANKS Linda. And sorry to hear how that teeny little pup terrorized you and your fam!! :) God is amazing, isn't He, in the way He teaches us stuff.

  2. Teeny and little he was not! May he rest in peace!


  3. And the fun continued when they watched Spice years later!

  4. Oh my gosh...your poodle looks like one that I had when my kids were young! I'm a dog lover but this dog was a terror. I finally found it a new home because it was destroying my house. We ended up with a nice corgi instead and he's now 17 years old.

  5. I'm impressed that you didn't throw up your hands and that you gave another pooch a patient, grace-filled home, Mindy!

  6. Who is that gorgeous lady at the top of the stairs sticking her head into the picture???????

  7. Your energetic, curly-haired blond wife with the pale blue cats-eye glasses hasn't changed a bit over the years!


  8. My favs for the dog lessons:

    1. Go for a walk and be curious in your surroundings. Chase a butterfly. (what fun)
    2. If you have a hunch, dig until you discover it. (almost an obsession with me)
    3. Last but not least, naps are nice. (I used to feel guilty if napping and still don't do it well. I have a cat who doesn't like to see others nap......there should be some lessons in the craziness of a cat)


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