Thursday, August 2, 2012

Her House Smells Like a Sandwich

I hate the smell and taste of mayo!  And I much prefer that my house smells like clean sheets or fresh picked berries or warm vanilla beans.  I'm sharing this morning's email from my sister without her permission.  And hoping that when she discovers her pearls of wisdom posted for all the world to see, it will make her day!  {But I'm not holding my breath!}

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SUBJECT: My House Smells Like a Sandwich

I am working out of the house today - typing reports.   As I strolled around the house opening windows and turning fans on, I noticed water rings on my end tables.   These have been there for a while since using coasters or putting cold drinks on a magazine is not something our students do!   I have seen in a bunch of magazines and online that you can use mayonnaise to get rid of water rings on wood.  So, what better time to try than when I am home for the day!

You put around 2 tbsp of mayo on a folded paper towel and put it on top of the water ring.   Leave it for 15 minutes and wipe - it actually worked!   Unfortunately that part of the table was now shiny and clean!   So I decided to try putting it on some light scratches on the other side of the table.   Once again it worked!   So I ended up using the paper towel with the left over mayo on it and polishing the table with it!  It sounds gross, smells disgusting but the table is now glowing in the corner!

All I need now is a way to get rid of the smell!   Hope it doesn't attract flies - I have my windows open and a hole in the screen!

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So, what weird and quirky homekeeping hint can you share today, dear readers?
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  1. That's a really good tip! Thanks for sharing...or rather, thanks to your sister for sharing!

  2. Here's someone saying 'thanks' Mah ...

    But I still say 'no thanks' to the aroma of mayo eminating from my oak furniture!!!


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