Monday, August 6, 2012

Celebrating Healing & Recovery

I heard this song the other day, and it quickly brought me back to some sweet memories from another time, another place.  And a Celebrate Recovery leadership training that our team attended. 

Those dear wounded healers had gone through the interview process and had been selected to rally 'round the banner of one church's new outreach ministry.  They were enthusiastic and joy-filled ... just a bit apprehensive, yet so ready to roll and fully committed to the task at hand.  It was one of those milestone events that ministry leaders pray for, labor over, trust God with, and champion ... even at great cost to themselves. 

Today I honor all those who've committed themselves to the hard work of dealing with their stuff, becoming vulnerable and real in the safety of community with other wounded lovers of Jesus, and finding that longed for peace that comes when we are able to release all our pain and sorrow into His powerful hands. 

And I praise God for those who take the next step and don the mantle of leadership ... an awesome, costly task that often comes with great sacrifice.

I smile with gratitude because I hear that there are many, many stories of those who've been redeemed, who've found Jesus and healing and a renewed passion for living and serving others.  And it sprang forth because a pastor had the vision of what could be.  And the compassion and courage to answer God's call to reach out to those who so needed the freedom and release that only He could give.

He, the Wounded Healer, always continues what He's started.  Always.



  1. Oh Linda...listening and reading your words brought tears to my eyes.

    We shared an amazing time with an amazing pastor who had an amazing vision and we were all blessed as we helped so many others, and ourselves.

    I will always count that season of my life as one of the very sweetest and closest to God and my brothers and sisters. All of us so very real with each other, and so very loving.

    To God be all the glory as we each walk out the healing, sharing comfort and love with those who need His healing touch. Thanks so much for sharing. <3

  2. There's nothing quite like the CR community! How good God was to let us all share in that season of unity and purpose together.

    And to hear that the life changing work goes on? Icing on the cake!

    Thanks, Sheila, for recalling a beautifully powerful season of ministry with us.


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