Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Bit of Summer Reading

a potpourri of August posts ...

August 2011
Are You Living in a Fantasy World?
Do you have a "fantasy self"? The incredible culinary whiz. The super-fit, all-star athlete. The award winning musical virtuoso. The fabulously creative entrepreneur.  Acquired a whole lot of stuff along the way to becoming someone you never ...

August 2010
An Avoidable Epidemic
The fall season is just about upon us. And that's kick-off time for many churches as people return from leisurely summertime schedules. Expectations run high as church-goers anticipate vibrant new sermon series, calendars jam-packed with cutting-edge programs and activities for their families, and meaningful special events, conferences, classes, and studies.  Sadly ...

August 2009
August's Homekeeping Tasks
Fearing a concussion if you open that closet door?  Dressers jammed with too many unworn, unneeded items?  Hallway and stairs draped with spooky cobwebs?  Overwhelmed by the mass of stuff you've accumulated or held on to? ...

August 2008
From Pen to Paper - Substantial Encounters
"I think a lesson has been learned. Reading great books and listening to great thinkers can be overdone. Convictions can remain borrowed and never embraced. Silence and solitude give the Spirit opportunity to ...

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*illustration by Summer Grace 1986

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