Thursday, July 26, 2012

They Love Well

The ones who love me well ...

My husband.  It's 40 years since the 16 year old met her first love, her true love.  And over the decades, Mr. Build-A-Bridge-And-Get-Over-It has morphed into a wise and gentle companion.  Listening without butting in or offering uninvited opinions, he can now quietly ask, 'What do you need?'  "What do you need to do for that to happen?'   The depth of who he is continues to amaze me.

My girls.  They are now women and moms.  They are wise beyond their years, they are fun, they are deep wells, they make me thankful that I had my children when I was young so that I can relish their company as adults.  I want to be just like them when I grow up.  And I wish they lived around the corner instead of hours away.

My babies.  All six of them.  They make my life sing. I can't wait to dig in the sand and sing songs and grab the Play-Doh and the paints and curl up on the sofa with a stack of books.  No one makes me laugh, makes me love like they do.  The $79 camera records their adventures.  And those stories are replayed again and again on the digital photo frame that has a place of honor on the kitchen counter. 

My friends.  They invite me to be authentically me.  No masks allowed.  When we are together, and it's never often enough, we are fully present to each other.  We sit by a pool and talk deep and rest and compare notes on life.  We share yummy food and drink and conquer the world at Panera's.  We trek through the woods, looking for wildlife and wading through swampy underbrush.  We share our lives and wrestle with the state of the church and discuss books and pray and email and walk together and pass the tissues from time to time. 

My parents.  I know they pray for me each day.  I am sheltered and protected by that kind of faithful love.  Their blood runs through my veins.  I am who I am today because of who they are ...  individually and as a couple for more than six decades. 

The Holy Spirit.  We've got a 24/7 conversation going on.  He's my constant companion, always present, always attentive.  Whispering what I need most at any given moment.  Discernment.  Peace.  A kick in the pants.  Grace.  Patience.  Comfort.  He's never too busy to sit with me.  And He's not going to abandon me or get bored or restless with my company. 

And now I pass Sarah's thought-provoking question on to you, dear reader.  What's saving your life right now?


  1. I love you mom! You're my greatest source of encouragement and my biggest cheerleader.

  2. Love you, too, Little Mama ...


  3. Linda, this just makes me so happy, and then I spotted your daughter's comment just above, and it was like the cherry on it all. Love it.

  4. Hey Pal, the pleasure that comes from being friends with you is one of my greatest joys and I appreciate the know-how you have to keep a friendship fresh and involved. That is a rare gift for someone in this busy, crazy culture we find ourselves in.


  5. Oh yes, Sarah ... I am eternally grateful for what I share with my girls in this season.

    And thank you, dear friends who responded with your affirming words here and in my inbox. You are sweet, sweet gifts in my life!


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