Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simplify Your Online Reading!

You've seen this little RSS feed gadget near the top of most blogs and many internet sites ... and maybe you've been a bit hesitant to check it out.
What's it for?  And why would I even want to know?

Bottom line?  Most bloggers encourage their readers to subscribe to their blogs via email or RSS feed as a step in building an online community and growing a faithful readership. 

As a pastoral counselor/ministry leader/life coach/blogger, I follow a number of blogs on a wide variety of subjects.  But it wasn't til last week that I finally set up my own personal RSS feed ... and happily, my days of a crammed inbox and endless scrolling down my Favorites List are overThanks to Laura and Karley, I've taken the next step in my quest to simplify my life by cutting down on my time online.  {And no, please do not spread the word that I am, in any way, advocating/recommending a 'frosty pina colada'!} 

Check out this easy-to-understand video.  I'm no techno-wizard, so if I can do this you can, too! {I chose Bloglines.}   

Two Things -
1.  If you use an RSS feed, please jump in and leave a comment with a helpful tip or a bit of insight.

2.  Please celebrate your technical prowess by adding the Creekside blog to your new or existing feed! 

Go for it ~



  1. I love my blog reader. It streamlines my blog reading. I only have 24 hours a day and have to be a good steward of my time.

  2. You're so right ... there's only so many hours in the day and only so much energy to go around.

    Thanks for kicking off this conversation, Debby!

  3. I had NO CLUE! That was very, very helpful and I will be sipping my drink more often (which for me is coffee, I know, not really beach worthy :-)

    AND your video was great, very professional voice/manner. Good job!

  4. Wow. I really had no idea how in the world to use the RSS feed button but you know there's another cool thing to do. There's this thing called bloglovin.com and you can keep up with all your blogs through this one place. You can even use it on your mobile phone. So that's always an option too! :)

  5. All video kudos go to Karley! I sure appreciate when someone has the gift of explaining something technical with a bit of a sense of humor ... and in language that any of us can understand.

    Thanks for stopping by this evening, Ingrid and AJ!

  6. I had to come back and tell you that I am thrilled!! I am so not up on things with the internet. I seriously had no idea something like this existed. I have about 20 blogs I like to read. I don't have time to type in each address and check it out each day. It was discouraging because I find blogs to be one of the best sources of encouragement for me.

    I went into google reader and set it all up, so easy! Thank you for writing this post. It made my day!

  7. Looks like Ingrid set up her feed with no problems in less than an hour! YEAH!

    Any other success stories?

  8. I discovered the RSS feed about a year ago. I love having my blog list in one place and an inbox that isn't packed full.
    Great idea sharing this with people who may not be familiar with this time saving, organizing tool.

  9. Yes - few things are more overwhelming than an inbox jammed with endless notes, forwards, links, ads, and etc.!


    Thanks for dropping by today, Elizabeth!

  10. This is a great use of technology! RSS Feed Readers are neat and convenient. I have a Gmail account through Google, and so I use their Google Reader (www.google.com/reader) site shown in the video. I enjoy being able to view just a single blog at a time, a category (e.g. US News sites vs Comics), or all my stories threaded together based on how recent they are.

    The sharing features work great so that I can send a witty comment via email along with a link to the story. What amazing things technology can do for us!

    Every time I log in, I see new stories, so I never miss a Creekside Ministry post! I even take mine on the go via my SmartPhone...a much better way to pass time when waiting at a doctor's office.

  11. Jonathan was the one way back in the day who let me know that my posts written in yellow on blue background showed up blank in his RSS feed!

    How far we've come!

    Thanks, as always, for stopping by, Jonathan.

    Aunt Lila!

  12. Bloglovin.com is super! I transferred everything over there today!

    You get a good size picture and the first line or two of each post. The site is simple to use, bright, and clean ...

    Love it. Thanks, AJ!


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