Saturday, May 26, 2012

Party in a Jar

Summer has unofficially arrived!  And in the next few months, you can bet you're going to be spending more hours than you can count with little people.  Your own.  Or nieces and nephews, grandchildren, neighbors, weekend visitors, or the VBS crowd.

Your key to survival just might turn out to be this oh-so-cool Summertime Jar from Over the Big Moon ...

Even ol' Grandma just might be convinced to try:

  #2  Hot rocks with crayons

  #3  Water balloon fight

  #8  Squirt bottle water fight

  #9  Jump on the trampoline with ice cubes

#22  Decorate a shoe box for all your summer treasures

#33  Marshmallow guns

#34  Excavate toys out of ice

Check out all 41 ideas - many come complete with instructions for those of us who don't have a clue, and the creators of this outstanding bucket list have graciously provided an easy to download list.  And of course, the kids are going to want to add their own brilliant ideas to the mix!  This sure beats endless hours of mindless absorption in screens or constant whining that there's nothing to do.

I'd love to know what worked for you and your little fan club.  And before you get creative, be sure to weigh in with My Favorite Thing About Summer Is ...

Party ~

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  1. Love the party in the jar! Whoever came up with all of those cool ideas? Too bad we didn't have one of those jars when I grew up. But, we got into enough trouble just thinking up a few of the things we did without having a jar. Good graduation gift for your kids to begin the summer.

  2. Sure beats sitting around all summer just looking at each other! Enjoy...

  3. I wonder what the kids will add to that already out-of-the-box list? And will it be enough to pull them away from their technology ...

    Thanks for your super idea, Lisa!

  4. Love anything positive that will draw the kids away from their addiction to video games and the electronic baby sitter. The "screens" are depersonalizing the kids so that they can not relate to real people. Probably a max of 45 minutes per day is more than enough for that technology that is so destructive.

  5. Positive doesn't have to = painful!

    Let's hear it for playing together, laughter, good times, and having a ball with the kids!

    Trust me ... they're at home with us for a very short time ...

  6. I love this idea! So uplifting. :)

    1. It is kind of fun, isn't it? And each person's jar would be different than the next.

      Just plain cool ...



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