Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'God's Hope Instilled Back In Me'

Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of the counseling relationship.  And what happens in the counseling office, stays in the counseling office.

But this client, like others before her, wants to share her story, which has been gently edited and is offered to you with her permission and blessing.  She gives you a glimpse into the weekly dynamics that led her to hope.  Healing.  A renewed marriage.  And a passionate vision for an emerging new ministry.

I still believe in miracles ~

Linda has been my counselor for one year and recently, it was decided to bring our counseling relationship to a close - that is a GOOD thing... actually a GREAT thing. I will be checkin' in from time to time for minor 'tune ups' but the consistent weekly sessions have ceased.

This may sound rather nonchalant but you must understand a year ago when I walked into Linda's office, my life was anything but nonchalant and every moment of it, agony. My marriage was a wreck, my husband and I live in two different states, he was also in counseling in TX while I was here.

I was trying with God and her help to put the pieces together. There were many, many issues to iron out, resolve and more than once I thought everything hopeless and no longer wanting to go forward.

I just didn't have the energy any longer to care.

BUT God is the God of hope and miracles so I proceeded to hang on ... and go see Linda every week. She guides at just the appropriate times in the conversation, steering ever so gently that the client comes to their own conclusions. She is a gentle woman. The emotional, mental, tangled mess is dissected ever so calmly and through consistent weeks of counseling, understanding came to the surface.

There was God's hope instilled back in me. 

I'd lost my way, lost insight, lost that good stuff.  Linda helped bring my painful issues to the forefront, helped me unravel each one and an injection of hope was brought back to my life.

Thank you Linda! I will be forever grateful for your guiding help, your input, your counsel, during those darkest days. And thank you for always starting our sessions together with prayer and a devotion as both were reminders of what our hour each week together would be about. 

God and His amazing grace.

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