Friday, May 11, 2012

Gifts for Your Mama

You frantically scan the rack, looking for just the perfect card.  Every one you pick up is either sappy sweet or downright stupid.  You head on over to grab a box of candy.  Nope ... she's trying valiantly to shed a few pounds.  How 'bout flowers?  Mmm ... not so much - she's allergic to all things growing.  Maybe a pair of slippers?  I don't think so - she hasn't worn them since 1978.

What to get your mama?  For Mother's Day or her birthday or just to say 'I love you'?

Hint - think experiences that add to the memory bank.  Not stuff that will need to be cleaned, arranged, moved, sorted, or adjusted.

I am loving Miss Minimalists's simply delightful ideas that will show affection and appreciation.  Don't worry.  They're easy.  Fun.  You'll make a memory or two.  And your mama won't end up like my grandma who left this earth with umpteen boxes of Coty's L'Aimant dusting powder stored away in her linen closet to be used the twelfth of never ...

I do believe Grandma would have loved some of these experiences on Miss Minimalist's Top 10 List!

My picks?

  #1. Cook your mom a delicious meal.

  #4. Write your mom a poem or a personal letter.

  #7. Put together a “gourmet basket” for your mom.

  #8. Take your mom out for a Mother’s Day picnic.

#10. Take your mom out for a cultural experience.

{But Chinese food is sounding mighty good right about now!}

And if 10 ideas aren't enough for you, here's 10 more that I just picked up from Relevant ... and I'm pretty sure they've never even crossed your mind!

Mother's Day can be a difficult, bittersweet holiday to navigate through.  If your mother is not with you any more, would you consider choosing to honor her memory by sharing one of these gifts with another family member?  A spiritual mother, mentor, neighbor, or pastor's wife?  Small group leader or friend?

I'd love to hear what you chose to do ...


  1. I love this!! For years I've been thinking of things to do for my mom without adding to her house (because they eventually end up at mine!!). I usually cook one of her favorite meals with extras for her to take home. Also, I make my grandma's fudge (her mom's) that my mom grew up on. My mom never learned how to make it so she loves it and it brings back memories. I also search book sales for inexpensive books and then when my mom is done she likes to donate them back to my library for someone else to enjoy!!

  2. What could be better than books that are being passed on and on and on ... and not stuck on someone's shelf for forever and a day!

    And a piece or two of fudge to go with a good read? What a treat!

    Thanks, Val ...


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