Monday, April 9, 2012

Reflecting on the Gifts of Easter

... awakening early to the sound of birds singing bright morning songs

... dressing warmly for the praise of His glory outdoors

... a foil-wrapped chocolate rabbit, perched on the kitchen table, is a little surprise to savor

... calling family to say 'He is Risen' and hearing tiny, sweet lips respond in kind

... praying for a salvation message that will be shared with 3rd & 4th graders at 9am

... a ride filled with praise songs coming through speakers takes us to the safe place of ministry and healing

... greeting friends warmly and taking pictures of grace-filled faces

... dear surprise arrivals come in waves, opening the floodgates to my soul

... gathering in rows on a patio built out of loving commitment to home and ministry, warm sunshine melting away the early morning chill

... the guitar and the sweet souls who love Jesus so exuberantly meld together to draw us to worship our risen King

... the Word is proclaimed with strength yet sensitivity to our fears, because the women at the tomb weren't the only ones afraid

... sharing prayers and hugs and the warmth of feasting on food prepared with love and brought with joy

... conversing and laughing and reconnecting with brothers and sisters who are woven together as one, a little church created to be a healing family

... sitting quietly as we drive over greening hills and rolling pastures filled with cattle and grand views that never fail to rest my spirit

... soaking in and pondering all that I have experienced in the morning hours

... rejoicing in answered prayers because His timing is best

... the two of us reflecting and wondering and dreaming and walking and playing and resting as Sabbath winds its way to a close

This morning I write, '... these are all simple gifts, and each is so appreciated in and of itself.  But strung together from end to end, it's all an ongoing reminder of how much You love me.  Always.  And how Your desire is to answer prayers in ways that grow our faith and trust in all that You are ...

We are in relationship with a loving God who loves for us to come to Him with our questions and unbelief and dilemmas.  He wants us to want to dialogue with Him, to put it all on the table, to unpack and unload.  He wants to show us more of who He is and share more of His heart and His intentions for us.  We needn't be fearful or apprehensive about coming.  He always invites us to have those kinds of conversations that are authentic and deeply honest.  So that we can find what we're searching for in our sweet relationship with the Creator of the universe.

How good is that?'

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!


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