Friday, April 13, 2012

Caring About Special Needs

A man with autism has spoken with us, and a mom with an autistic son has shared her heart.

How do we respond?

Thomas Christianson is a youth pastor and an adjunct professor.  He's also dad to his daughter, Elle, who happens to be autistic.  In his post Why Christians Need To Care About Autism, he puts out 3 points we need to understand about those who live with special needs:

1.  Isolation leads to depression.
"Because those with special needs frequently struggle with communication or the ability to interact socially, they can feel isolated. and this isolation can lead to depression."

2.  Kids and teens are most vulnerable.
"Special needs adults frequently have the ability to lead lives of varying independence thanks to coping mechanisms they are able to put in place. They generally know their limits, and put together a routine that allows them to process what life sends their way.

Kids and teens don’t have the life experience to manage what’s coming at them in the same capacity adults do. Special needs kids also frequently have trouble with communication, which compounds any issues they may have."

3.  Refuse to be condescending.  
"Not everything a specials needs person does should be commended, just as we don’t commend everything done by a person without special needs."

Head on over to Relevant Magazine to finish the post.

The Apostle Paul challenges, "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ {Galatians 6:2}.

What responsibility does the church have for those with special needs?

Where do you fit into this picture?

Keeping this on the table ~

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