Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Silent Retreat

I write on this Sabbath morning from deep within the heart of the Adirondack mountains.  My husband is volunteering his handyman skills at a camp which holds a special place in our hearts. 

 - camp -
And I am observing a silent retreat, of sorts.  Solitude.  Rest.  Reading.  Walking.  Writing. 

As I continue to travel through life, whether at home or away, I pursue these moments as often as time allows.  Because the choice to invest in these quiet activities feeds and refreshes and recalibates my soul.  So that I can stay healthy and sane and focused.  And have something to offer to others in return. 

My well refills by focusing on the powerful, yet quiet presence of God. And the majesty of His creation.  I am still.  And I know, once again, without a doubt, that He is who the Psalmist says He is in Psalm 46:10.


As I open to the book of Luke, margin jottings from 17 years ago grab my attention.  The way things often do oh so many years after they were written. 

What was true then, remains true now.

What hit home then, hits home now.

Such is the nature of God's Word, and the teaching of His anointed ones.

"When we invite Christ into our lives, 'business as usual' will stop.  He cannot be inserted into our previous lifestyle.  There will be a change in the way we fundamentally live out our lives.  As we seek to get close to Jesus, as we follow the path that Christ lays out for us, we will probably be misunderstood by those closest to us.

Jesus died for us and He loves us.  He made for us a way to God.  Everything else must be secondary."
- Luke 11, Jeff Quinn, February 1995 -


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