Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How's That Piggy Bank?

Financial counselor Dave Ramsey has impacted millions of people with his best selling books, hands-on classes and resources, and straight-talk radio show.  His latest newsletter offers 29 ways to leap out of debt.

So if your money's taken wings, or your tax bill looks to be staggering, or you're figuring out how and when you'll ever pay off your credit card debt, you might appreciate how simply doable some of his ideas are ... and begin to save $1 at a time.


Cut cable.
"Welcome to 2012, where you can watch most of your favorite shows online.
Put that $80-per-month cable bill toward your debt."

Stop eating out.
"If you don't know where all your money is going each month,
we're pretty sure Applebee's can locate it for you."

Visit the library.
"Remember libraries? They have free books you can borrow!
Free is a lot cheaper than Amazon!"

Avoid expensive hobbies.
"$200 a month on golf?
And you don't even have a 401(k) or a college fund for your kid?  Are you serious?"

Use the envelope system.
"You spend less money when you use cash."

Get on a budget.
"So unoriginal, right? But it's true.
You'll never get out of debt without knowing exactly where all your money is going." 

Give more.
"Wait a minute … give more? Yes, giving changes your spirit.
Make giving a priority in your budget and you'll see a difference."

Get a part-time job.
"This guy made nearly $20,000 a year delivering pizzas.
No excuses!"

Take a successful friend to lunch.
"Find someone who is doing things the right way—with money, with marriage, with life in general—and do what they are doing."     

Read all 29 pointers here ...

Lots of small adjustments add up.  And my favorite saving tip of all time?
You're not going to believe how easy it is!   


- flying pig by arrow910 -


  1. Ok, how could I not comment on this. Being a librarian, I am amazed how many people do not know how much libraries have to offer besides book. We have public computers, wifi, DVDs, CDs, magazines, books on CD, reading programs for all ages, craft programs for the kids during the summer, not to mention access to many data bases thru our website that you would normally pay for. Accessing all the libraries have to offer will save a TON of money!

    PV library lady

  2. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the warmth and peace that the library offered! My daughters had library cards before they learned to read. And, years later, I still appreciate all the books that enrich my life and the ease of requesting them online ...

    Thanks, PV library lady!


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