Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scattered Thinking

Surely you've walked into a room and wondered why you headed in that direction.  "I know I need something in here but I can't remember what it is."  Or you head into a store to pick up 3 quick things ... and can only remember 2.  Maybe you've completely missed a long-scheduled appointment. 

And why is my checkbook sitting on the window sill in the family room?  And do I really want to put this carton of milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge?  

Scattered thinking? 
Looks like you're in good company! 

Some call it brain fog.  It could be a vitamin deficiency, your hormones gone crazy, or a change in your meds.  Your diet, a sedentary lifestyle, or "anxiety overload" might be in the mix.  Maybe too much jammed into your overpacked schedule.  Excessive hours on the computer.  Adult ADHD. {Yes, there is such a thing, and the impact on relationships and task follow-through is huge.}

Or simply the natural side effects of the aging process

What to do?

>   Begin to feel free to say "no" to unnecessary demands on your time and energy that continue to roll your way.  People might not burst into applause when you can't accommodate their wishes, but it is wise to set up parameters that will enable you to live a saner lifestyle.

>   Adios to multi-tasking. You might not be able to juggle 50 balls in the air like you did back in the day. Purposely focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. 

>  Choose to clean up your act when it comes to eating

>  Limit your computer time and go on a digital diet

>  Step up to the plate with renewed mental or physical activity

>  Utilize some tools.  A white board on the fridge to jot down what must be done that day.  A list in hand every time you do errands.  Post-it notes sprinkled throughout your home.  {I've been known to have at least 3 lists going at any one time.} 

>  And yes, you might need to call your doctor.  {When was the last time you had a full physical, including blood work?}

So don't wring your hands and wonder if you're losing your mind.  Go ahead and refocus, figure out what's going on, and make a plan to move ahead!


  1. Great advice. I find my mind is so much sharper when I'm exercising on a regular basis. Stopped by from WLWW. :)

  2. There's nothing like a brisk walk and some fresh air to clear the head!

    Now ... to do it on a regular basis!

    Thanks for dropping by, Adrienne!


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