Friday, January 6, 2012

Repeat Performance - "Take a Sharpie To It" ... and Goals & Resolutions Galore!

Commitments, goals, people, datebooks, opportunities, phone calls, demands, calendars ... multitudes of all-things-2012 are grabbing at us for our attention. 

And I bet your Christmas decorations aren't even put away yet!

So it's prime time for a repeat performance of January 2009's TAKE A SHARPIE TO IT.  Before you get completely overwhelmed and under the pile, read on!

"It's the 2nd week of the year, and already our calendars, datebooks, journals, and scraps of paper are rapidly filling with goals, dreams, appointments, hobbies, commitments, household tasks, opportunities, groups, projects, relationships, and to-do lists.

~   ~   ~

And if you really are into setting goals - or like the idea but never follow through, here's a few links that will either propel you into action ... or make you say "no way!"

How 'bout you?  Making those resolutions?  Sticking to them?  Or bored to death with the whole idea?


1.  It has to be something you're absolutely life or death passionate about succeeding at.  

2.  It will be energized into existence by some kind of crisis.

3.  It probably won't happen at the beginning of a calendar year.

I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know what works for you!

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